Why I Don’t Give My Kids Juice

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Most parents know instinctively how to care for their children. They know to keep them safe, warm, fed, and loved. When it comes to caring for their kids teeth, parents know it’s important to brush their children’s teeth daily and stay away from candy. However, there is a sneaky culprit behind many kid’s cavities that I see on a daily basis – Juice.
Juice seems innocent. Maybe even good. It’s full of vitamins and made from fruit! How could it be bad? The problem is in the way juice is made. It is not simply squeezing out the juice from an apple or orange and bottling it up. The manufacturer’s use concentrated fruit juice to eliminate the water content and leave behind all the sugar. This makes juice taste sweet and full of flavor. Even though most juice has “No sugar added”, the concentrated fruit juice is packed full of sugar.
Because cavities need sugar to develop, I choose to let my children eat natural fresh fruits to obtain essential vitamins and minerals. Instead of juice, I offer cold water during the day, at meals, and at bedtime. Water is refreshing and benefits the body in many ways beyond good dental health. It helps to clear out the mouth after a meal from residual food particles, and aids in digestive health in the gut, too.
If you need help removing juice from your children’s diet, look for our next blog post on how to break the juice habit.