Smile Restorations Begin with Dental Crowns

Restore your smile with a dental crown. A dental crown is a tooth restoration treatment where a tooth is completely encased within an artificial encasement to prevent further damage to the tooth and enhance the look of the tooth. Not only can dental crowns repair broken teeth, but they can also be used for discolored or stained teeth. Dental crowns... read more »

Create an Improved Oral Health Identity with Healthy Food Choices

We often think about healthy foods as being beneficial for our health, but the truth is that some foods can also be useful for our smiles. Healthy foods and drinks can in some cases, improve your oral health. Create an improved oral health identity with healthy food choices. If your oral health care requires a better diet, remember the following:... read more »

Treatments for Restoring Teeth

Have you ever wanted to repair a blemish in your smile but have been dragging your feet on getting it done? The sooner the better, because if there are any holes in your tooth enamel due to previous accidents, infection within a tooth is possible, which can ultimately lead to tooth failure. Listed below are a few common treatment options... read more »

How to Avoid Cavities in Your Smile

At Bee Family Dentistry, we have seen firsthand how cavities can devastate a smile, and we want to help our patients in San Antonio, Texas, and the surrounding communities have the best possible cavity-fighting strategies. When it comes to cavities, dental plaque is the culprit which can take down your oral health. Plaque is caused by a buildup of sugars... read more »

Your Diet and Your Oral Health: The Facts

Do you brush and floss your teeth twice a day for two minutes at a time? Do you visit your dentist every six months and use mouthwash? Do you ever wonder if there’s anything else you might be able to do for your pearly whites? Would you be surprised to learn that your diet can have an immediate impact on... read more »

Dental Bridges Can Save a Broken Smile

Do you have a broken smile that you are afraid of showing off? Are you missing any teeth or have any teeth that are so badly damaged they need to be removed? If so, there are options to fill in those gaps and restore your smile to a level you are comfortable displaying. Dental bridges can save a broken smile.... read more »

The Fluoride Quiz

Did you know that fluoride is added to many of the products we use in our everyday lives to improve the quality of our teeth? Fluoride can help strengthen the tooth enamel on our teeth to help prevent tooth decay and cavities from occurring. For more information, take the following fluoride quiz: True or False: Fluoride can protect your teeth... read more »

The Facts About Dental Emergencies

Have you ever been in an emergency situation? If so, you probably understand how stressful these difficult situations can actually be. Sadly, dental emergencies can also be quite stressful—but if you know how to deal with a dental emergency, the experience should be much smoother. There are a number of dental emergencies you could end up facing. In fact, did... read more »