Tips for Removing Food Stuck Between Your Teeth

The minute spaces between your teeth provide a rich breeding area for oral bacterial to exploit stray food particles. This can result in a buildup of plaque acids and tartar, which could have a significant negative effect on your oral health. There are also times when you bite down on a tough piece of food and fragment gets stubbornly stuck... read more »

Athletic Injuries Can Sometimes Cause Significant Oral Trauma

Aggressive sports that involve significant body contact and potential contact with the mouth or face often require the use of a protective mouth guard, as well as other safety equipment. Yet any sports can potentially result in contact between a hard part of one person’s body and the face of another. In a situation like this, the oral care specialists... read more »

The Facts About Dental Emergencies

Have you ever been in an emergency situation? If so, you probably understand how stressful these difficult situations can actually be. Sadly, dental emergencies can also be quite stressful—but if you know how to deal with a dental emergency, the experience should be much smoother. There are a number of dental emergencies you could end up facing. In fact, did... read more »