Is a Dental Bridge Your Solution to Tooth Loss?

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The loss of a permanent tooth is scary, especially if it is the result of oral trauma or gum disease, but our team at Bee Family Dentistry is pleased to offer solutions to restore your smile and your peace of mind. Our dentist may recommend a custom dental bridge to replace one or more missing teeth and provide your smile with important benefits.

A dental bridges is structured to look like natural teeth, with a false tooth called a pontic fringed by two dental crowns on each side. Typically, the bridge is created with durable porcelain that is shaded to match the natural tooth color. The placement of a dental bridge is intended to assist you in chewing food and speaking properly so that you don’t struggle with these endeavors. In fact, a dental bridge is meant to look and function just like the lost tooth or teeth.

We can place your dental bridge with two separate methods, depending on your needs. The dental crowns of the bridge can attach to the surrounding teeth to provide an anchor, leaving the bridge removable. Another option is to surgically place a dental implant in the jawbone and attach the bridge for a fixed result. A dental bridge typically lives about five to seven years, though it can last upwards of a decade if well cared for and protected.

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