Dental Sealants: Don’t Let Oral Bacteria Attack Your Molars

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Keeping your molars cavity-free has never been easier with the help of dental sealants. This protective barrier coats vulnerable teeth to keep out harmful tooth acids created by dental plaque and oral debris as they wear down tooth enamel.


Brushing, flossing, and regular dental checkups and cleanings all help keep your smile healthy. But the molars are particularly hard to clean because of their location. It’s hard to properly brush and floss them. By sealing out plaque attacks on the tooth enamel, dental sealants effectively work with your oral hygiene efforts.


Molars are vulnerable because they have a broad, uneven, rough chewing surface. Bacteria easily collects in their grooves and cracks, subjecting them to erosion. Dental sealants prevent bacterial acids from penetrating tooth enamel but also stop any tooth decay that may have begun there. They effectively keep tiny holes in the enamel from developing, which protects the more sensitive layers of the tooth beneath the enamel–the dentin and tooth pulp.


Not only that but studies have determined that dental sealants on the molars have proven to reduce tooth decay in children by almost 80%. Additionally, the Centers for Disease Control reported that school-aged children who have dental sealants have three times fewer incidences of cavities than their unprotected peers.


So, if you or your child has a propensity for cavities, we invite you to speak with our dentist about the application of dental sealants. You can reach our Bee Family Dentistry team in San Antonio, Texas, by calling 210-690-9430 today. Our dentist, Dr. Catherine Boenitz is always ready to help your smile remain cavity-free!