Dental Bridges Can Save a Broken Smile

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Do you have a broken smile that you are afraid of showing off? Are you missing any teeth or have any teeth that are so badly damaged they need to be removed? If so, there are options to fill in those gaps and restore your smile to a level you are comfortable displaying. Dental bridges can save a broken smile.

If you are or will be in need of a tooth restoration treatment, dental bridges are an excellent choice. Although they are not removable like dentures are, they are firmly affixed in your mouth for a durable hold that can potentially last you for the rest of your life. If your dental bridges happen to be knocked loose, they can be easily adjusted and refitted by your dentist.

Dental bridges fill gaps in your smile by linking artificial tooth-like materials to neighboring teeth. This “bridges” the gap between the spaces, which restores the aesthetics of your smile and its full functionality. Your facial structure will improve, and potentially make you look younger in the process.

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