Chronic Bad Breath Might Be Linked to an Oral Health Problem

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The odor of your breath can often be influenced by certain foods, drink, and the presence of oral bacteria. Sometimes acute bad breath can be resolved by brushing and flossing your teeth followed by a vigorous rinse with antiseptic mouthwash.

However, chronic bad breath where the cause can’t be identified could be a symptom of a more significant oral health condition, or a latent medical problem affecting your blood, kidneys, liver, or periodontal tissues.

If you are struggling to understand the source of your bad breath, you should seek diagnosis from an experienced dentist like Dr. Catherine Boenitz. In many of these cases she can catch a serious medical or oral health condition before it worsens.

Early symptoms of gum disease can often cause bad breath. Without professional intervention, simple case of gum inflammation could worsen into a severe periodontal infection. In time it could even result in the loss of multiple teeth.

Oral and pharyngeal cancer can also alter your breath. This symptom might also be accompanied by swelling and discoloration of oral tissues, as well as a persistent feeling of something stuck in the back of your mouth or throat.

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