Achieving a Healthy Teenage Smile

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Did you know that during the teenage years, your oral health can face a lot of risks? Not only is it a time in which many patients have their wisdom teeth grow in, but a lot of teens play contact sports and need to receive orthodontics. We are happy to offer encouragement to teens to protect their smiles and achieve excellent oral health.

To ensure your teen years are good to your smile, Dr. Catherine Boenitz encourages you to practice appropriate oral health care habits that protect your smile and reduce the risk of tooth damage. We advise against following peer pressure practices that can deteriorate your oral health, including taking drugs, smoking and wearing oral piercings that can damage the teeth. It’s very important to avoid bad dental habits that can have long-lasting consequences.

Keep in mind that a major cause of oral accidents and mouth injuries is playing sports. There is no need to avoid playing sports, but you should take care to always wear proper safety gear, including face masks and sports mouth guards. Receiving blunt trauma to the face doesn’t need to result in injury if you are wearing safety gear as you should.

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